Tradeline Renting

What is a Tradeline and how they work?

A tradeline is basically any account appearing on your credit report. A tradeline keeps a record of creditor’s information to calculate his credit report. You can benefit from someone with positive credit history and improve your credit score if you are added as an authorized user

How We help You?

You are added to the Tradeline(s) you specify for 60 days as an authorized user. You will NOT receive a physical card but instead just inherit the Payment and Credit history.

Once Tradeline(s) successfully post to your credit file, your score will increase 50-200 points putting you in range to be approved for your own tradelines/loans. After 60 days, Tradeline(s) updates to “ closed” status which will only drop score a few points if any at all because your Tradelines are now standing in its place


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