Credit Building/Boosting

The key to a 700 Credit Score is the correct Credit mix. A file should generally:

  • (2) Credit Cards
  • (1) installment loan
  • 2 or fewer inquiries
  • average account age 6 mos – 1 yr


The top 3 factors that make up your score are Payment History, Amounts owed (utilization), and Credit Age (the length of time you have been managing your credit)


We strongly recommend getting the proper tradelines at the beginning of your repair journey so by the time it’s complete, you will have built somewhat of a history of positive payments which is MANDATORY to have a healthy credit score


 We have you covered on the Top 3 score boosting factors


We recommend our Credit Building Card because it does not cause a hard inquiry to apply that will further hurt your score; you can apply for 2 cards using one application

An installment loan can be an auto loan, mortgage, student loan, or any loan you make the same monthly payment amount each month; we recommend a secured loan to avoid a hard inquiry pull, and with our secured loan, you can pay as little as $15 per month; payments are reported to all 3 bureaus each month and the greatest perk is… YOU GET ALL YOUR MONEY BACK AT THE END OF THE TERM!!!

Do you rent your home?

Now you can use your rental history of up to 24 months to age your credit report and it also provides stellar payment history for you so you are tackling 2 of the 3 credit boosting factors at once

Complete the simple form and start using your rental history to show financial responsibility AND age your credit file
Need a boost in a hurry? Don’t have time to wait it out? Is credit File free of almost all negative reporting accounts? Then TRADELINE RENTING is the best option for you…

What are the benefits?
  • inherit a positive payment history, credit age and a healthy utilization
  • increases scores 50-200 points in 45 days or less
  • start getting approvals without waiting

How does it work?
  • added as an authorized user to the acct
  • no card will be issued just the history
  • increases your score in under 45 days
  • reports for 60 days to allow you to apply for the credit you desire
One of the Primary items needed for successful Credit Building and/or Boosting is Credit Monitoring; We offer 2 different monitoring services for your convenience but only 1 is needed 

Why is Credit Monitoring Needed?

  • the first line of defense against ID theft 
  • It can save you time
  • It can help you improve your overall financial health
  • It can help you spot inaccuracies

Choose a monitoring Service


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